The naming game…. thus far….

Ok, got a few responses in for the ‘name them stinking hamsters’ game;

Zim = R2 and D2.

Ben = Zig and Zag. Rom and Ram

Terry = Tyler and Jack

Amy = Bit and Byte.

Sue = Dim and Sim. Bundy and Coke. Abott and Costello. Punch and Judy.

Matt = So and Cal. Spanner and Sprocket. Amery and Kan. Ham and Ster. Fluffy and Puffy. Rat and Trap. Bubble and Squeek

Doug = Pork and Chop.

Freddy = Jake and Elwood.

David = I and O (as in I/O, input and output).

Some really cool names here, keep them coming (I note that there has been nothing from the two traditional jokers of this fine blog…. Dan and Gary, come on guys, lets hear it!!).

Just a few more days and we will call it quits and name them.