41 stations and news

Thanks to Jason for pointing out a news station on the AM band, I had a bit of a listen……
Wow, what a difference a band can make. There are 41 stations during the day in Temecula on the AM band.
It seems that the AM band is the, um, not sure what the word I am looking for is…. well, lets just say it is less commercial than the FM band…. no, not even that is right, its a totally different type of feel. Less music, less ads, and the presenters are not DJ’s, they are human.

Jason was right about the news, the only problem with it is that it only has 4 minutes of a single news story at a time….. what they do is have weather and traffic every 5 minutes…. the announcer that does that I could pass on, they talk really fast and jam an ad in every time, so its hard to listen to. Then you get about 4 minutes for the news, then its back to traffic, weather and ad. Rinse, lather, repeat.
That said, it does have news and its news all the time, so that is what I listen to all last week.
I really do want to have more of an explore through the AM band, very interesting stuff there. Who would have thought it could be so different……