Mattress = Bio-hazard, or how to make a mattress disappear in SoCal

Freddy and I bought 2 mattress’s off Craigslist of late. Freddy wanted a bedroom suite (a matching one for the first time in our lives), it came with a bed.
We gave our current mattress to Amy, she has been after a double bed for yonks.
After a few sleeps it was clear that it was not good enough for the both of us. (It was anti-stuffed and sagged in the middle big time).
So, we gave it to Terry. (Who is too tall for his single bed (I blame my mum, all her side of the family is tall)).
We bought another double mattress off Craigslist, this time, we got a good one.

So, we were left with 2 single mattress’s in the garage…. I don’t spend a lot of time in there, but they were really cramping my style (wait, I have style? Never mind).

What to do…?? I asked around work a bit about where you take your rubbish in Temecula. Got plenty of blank looks and no answers.
There are no tips / rubbish dumps here. No transfer stations or anything like that.
Best idea was to hire a skip, put them in that and do it that way. Seemed to be over kill to me, so we started ringing around.
One person said just put them out the front of your house, they will go over night (Phhff, yeah, right).

Turns out that mattress’s are considered bio-hazards. With all the body fluids that can end up on them, you cant just get rid of them any old how…….
For example, the Salvos and the like do not collect them because they can not resell them. In a nut shell, they will not collect them because then they have to pay a bunch of money to get rid of them.
So, a few more phone calls showed that the council will do 2 collections of 4 bits of ‘hard rubbish’ per house per year. This worked out Ok as we had the two mattress’s and a base for one of them, so that was 3 bits of junk. And we hope to be at our current address only for a few more months (no, we have not heard anything about the house, trust me, when we hear, you will hear about it).

We rang the council, and booked the truck to come first thing Monday morning.
To save Freddy dragging them out on her own, we put them out front of the house last night.

5:20am this morning when I set out on my morning walk, I noticed they were gone.
Go figure.
Wish we had done that weeks ago.