What was needed to take this photo?

Have a look at this photo…….

View to a launch
View to a launch

Take a good look………. I will still be here when you get back…….

Notice anything? Down there, to the right……. Yeah….. Now there seems to be some debate on the internets as to exactly what that is. Some say its the Space Shuttle, some say its a Delta2 rocket launch.
My blog is not about exactly what it is, its about how it just stuck me of what technology came together to make this photo possible.

Just look and think…. We have at least two guys jumping out of a plane.
Simply doing that and not dieing a horrible death takes some high tech gear. They are at some altitude ( most in the know put them at between 12 and 14 thousand feet). That in self is not to be discounted. Then you have one guy with a digital camera (Ok, Robert, yeah, it might be a large format film camera, but probably not). Think about the quality and size transformation that has taken place just in that field over the past few years.
Then you have the fact that by all accounts show that they were not there by accident. They planed this jump around the launch time. Having access to any sort of rocket launch times some years ago was purely on a ‘need to know’ basis. Now it becomes a public event.
The technology of the rocket itself is also amazing. How things have progressed on that front is just astounding (I also cant help to think about the International Space Station and all the launches and tech that has gone into that).
Lastly of course, you have the internet itself. Without which I never would have seen this photo and perhaps, neither would have you.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through that, perhaps in my old age I look back and think about where we have come from a little more often.

These days  its all too easy to look at a picture without really looking at it and thinking about what took place for that picture to be in front of your eyes.