Did the earth move for you too?

If you have been reading my micro blog on the right (I am really not sure why I bother on that one… I don’t think any one reads it…..) you would know that yesterday we had the biggest shake here in Temecula for some time.
Yesterday it was reported as a 5.9, then about 1/2 an hour latter 5.6 and then this morning I see that is has been officially rated at 5.4.

Even the locals are talking about it.
I was working back (as usual) when it hit. At first a gentle roll. A few of us felt it and said the usual ‘here we go’, and I sat back to enjoy it, but then it got a stronger roll to it and we all raised our voices, then all of a sudden it got real jerky and really started to actually shake.
It was the first time I have ever really felt it shake. Its hard to describe, if you have been on a boat, you know the feel of a rolling quake, but when it really shakes its a whole different thing.
The building started to bang and make some real noise. By this time all the office workers are on their feet and looking around and generally getting pretty excited.
Nothing fell off my desk or anything, and I have heard no reports of damage anywhere. Its pretty sparsely populated out there.
Thankfully it all settled down pretty quick, I would say the whole event lasted about 30 seconds.
I whipped out the cell phone to get some video right at the end and got nothing other than a bunch of us being all excited, I will spare you from that video…… So here is the shake map from the USGS web site;

Shake map
Earthquake shake map

You can see that it was both very close to Temecula and also how good at dirt is from filtering us from all the action. By the time it got to us it really had lost a lot of its sting.

I’m losing track how many now I have felt, I know I was here for a long time and wanting to feel one and now I have had my fill and could be happy not going through another….. Thing is, I dont think that is much of a plan. The interesting thing about yesterday was that it was a really minor fault line and has not been active for years and years. No one was watching it or expecting any from it. The question is did the Easter Sunday one down the way set this one up or not?

Anyway, it seems to be a way of life here and makes me think about stock piling food and water for what it would be worth……