Don’t bag what you don’t know.

Some of you might know that I was not a fan of facebook.
I never said too much here because all my experience was by looking over the shoulder of Freddy and watching her struggle with it.
Yesterday at 7:06am, after a very interesting week,  I made my account and messed around a little.
Ended up talking with my buddy Doug over in Lancing MI to try and get me going. In the end we both gave up.
At 5:43pm yesterday, I deleted my account.

So. I was right. It is junk. One of the worst web sites I have ever tried to do battle with. Only and the software of Weather-display is worse.
It really does have the feel that it was written by a few computer geeks that were half tanked late in the night.
There are menus all over the place, the feel of the navigation really is such that you can believe that the core code has never been touched and its just been built on, hack on gak.
The security settings are very confusing and having it wide open by default is just wrong (and very sad).
The basic lay out is just not logical or intuitive at all. Its like they are still stuck in the 90’s.

How did it become so popular? No idea. Clearly a lot people have more time and patience than I do. I suspect that they have the 80/20 rule in force. Of their 500 million users, only 20% of them are regulars.

Anyway, it matters not what I think, they are going just fine.
I am personally disappointed that some friends and family have stopped communicating along the usual channels since getting their facebook accounts. The pressure for me to ‘just sign up’ to be in the loop is not going to let up anytime soon I suspect.

So, the Ben Orchard that is on facebook? Its not me…. and its not going to be me anytime soon.