Driven by the wind… no really….

Having driven the Nullarbor Plain and haven flown power kites, this story just hit it off for me big time.
How cool is that?
I really got a huge kick out of reading this and watching the video… yeah, sure, some of that kick would come from being over here and missing the country so much (I still really miss the bush a lot), and some of it would come from being desk bound so much (no RDO’s to ride up to Uranquinty the back way), but just the same, you gota hand it to these guys for getting off their butts and doing something pretty cool.

Sorta reminds me of when Hans Thostrup, along with Larry Perkins drove their solar powered car from Perth to Sydney. It really was ground breaking. I still remember the awe I felt when I touched that actual car at the old Melbourne Museum (I read a newspaper (yeah, it was before the Internet) that the car was on display there, I caught a train into the city just to see it). Goosebumps then and now. Terry laughs at me for saving computer programs onto audio cassette, I keep telling him, if it were not for me doing that, he would not have the cool tech he has now…. I mean, if it was not for these two guys, who knows when or where the whole solar challenge might have gone……. And so where would hybrid cars be now?

Or maybe I am just carrying on because I am watching ‘Long Way Round‘ with Bobbie at the moment and I miss my bike and time to get out and see things…..

I’ll get out of your face now…. before I …. never mind…..