A-Team Down Under.

Its really bad of me not to blog about this long before now…….
About 6 months ago the husband of one of my co-workers here at Opto got offered to have his job based out of Melbourne Australia for three years.
After a lot of back and forth-ing, they accepted…. So Andy, Alexi, Alanna and Aliya packed up, rented their house here in SoCal and headed down under.

Regular readers might know that Alexi was the director of training here at Opto, and so we ended up working on the same projects for a while.
When the offer came up, Alexi re-read a lot of the old blog posts I had done and we talked about the pro’s and con’s of doing such a move.

At my (and others I’m sure) encouragement, Alexi has been blogging about her adventures down under.
I have found it really interesting to follow along. Its been amazing to see Australia through their eyes, kind of like having the shoe on the other foot to what we went through here.
A lot of the things that we miss and took for granted, Alexi has struggled with and of course vice-versa. She misses things here that I find annoying.
It might be just me, but if you want to get a contrasting look at what we went through, you might like to check out Alexis blog and keep track of her three year adventure.
So that you don’t have to keep track of this blog entry, I have put a link to her blog in the side bar —-> Under Ben’s Favorite’s.

At some stage, with her permission, I probably should pull bits of her blog out and match it up with the corresponding bits of my blog and have a bit of a comparison… then again, who’s got the time (or the stomach) for digging up all that again??