Girl with the dragon tatoo.

One of the movies we have really enjoyed the past few days is this trilogy.
You have to read this movie… It’s in Swedish, so yeah, it’s all subtitles, but it’s well worth while in our view.
Not for the squeamish, there are a few uncomfortable scenes, but they are not there for yuck’s sake, they add to the movie and the plot.
As I said, it’s one of three; we have watched them all and found them all of the first’s quality. (The first one is the ‘big’ one. Hard to say how many people have tracked down the next two and watched them).
They really do need to be viewed in order.
The second is “The girl that played with fire” then the last “The girl that kicked the hornets’ nest”.
They revolve around a young woman that had an abusive father; she is very much the introvert and lives a pretty rebellious life. She is also quite the computer savvy girl (we still have to forgive her for using a Mac and Nikon, but hey, it’s a movie) and to top it off, she has a photographic memory…. All in all, the girl is just a really cool dude with some major hang ups.
Don’t want to give too much away, but she befriends a reporter that is asked to investigate a 40 year old murder. It gets pretty complicated, but the director and writer really string it together and even I failed to get lost.
While each story / movie can stand alone, it’s really best to just set aside three nights in a row and enjoy the ride.
We watched it on Netflix. All three are available on Bluray over here.