The art of travel.

Fresh out of high school, and after standing up his high school sweetheart on the alter Conner Layne (Christopher Masterson – Malcolm in the middle) embarks on totally the opposite ideal honeymoon alone and learns plenty about himself in the process. While trekking through Central and South America, he befriends a young couple (Johnny Messner and Brooke Burns) who help him move forward, both physically and emotionally.
Of course there is a major love interest along the way and by leaving her (I aint spoiling anything here, if any of you lot see this, you deserve to have it spoiled!) he really gets a hold of who he is and what he wants to do with his life.
Some really bad acting and scripting in here, but we all just totally fell in love with the movie and to some extent the characters.
While the notion of just traveling around the world is not necessarily our thing, there was enough human stuff in here to keep us hooked (either that or we wanted to see how they rescued each bad scene as it popped up).
Even if it is on BluRay, do me a favor and don’t get it…. My already poor reputation of a movie fan will really suffer after this one!