Dave came to town.

5 days ago, I picked up one of my nephews from LAX.
He’s here for two weeks, this first week has gone by super quick, so here is a super quick update…..

Dave emailed a few weeks back and said his flight got in at 10am Sunday…. No problem I thought. Then his Dad took him to the airport and found out he was going via Sydney. So his mom, my dear sister, rings and tells me that he would be getting in at 2pm. No problem I thought, gives me time to do a few things in the morning… Then at 9:45am Freddy decided to check the airport web site…… yeah, you guessed it, they had already landed 5 minutes ago. AGGGGG!!!!
Note to self, double check the Sue flight times!!!

Amazingly, he had not been waiting all that long before we got him. (Light traffic and I took Amy so I could use the HOV lane).
Anyway, got him home and keep doing a few things around the house. We were preparing for a special service that night and meal the following night. No problem, Dave was happy to just chill.
We did take him to CostCo for a quick feed and look around.
Everything went smooth over the next day and a bit of church.
Tuesday night, the guys from Opto happened to be going shooting, so we went along after dark, and Dave got to shoot a hand gun (pretty much the sole reason for us going).
Lloyd showing Dave how to load his gun.
Hes not a bad shot either.

The next day they did a bit of shopping, I was working as usual.
That night however was the big night. The night that Dave has been looking forward to for….well… years…..
He’s a huge Lakers fan. And I do mean huge.
So, after a quick tour of work, we headed up to the Staples center to drop Dave off to watch the game.
The freeways are not well known to me up that way, I had two gps’s and a bunch of print outs of Google maps to help guide me……
Moving along around 50mph on the freeway, Im looking for my exit and Dave is looking out the window… he turns to me and says ‘its over there, we just passed it’….
Yeah, no idea, but some how we totally missed the exit.
Never mind, by the time we get over to an off ramp, I figure we just have to back track on surface streets, so we pull into a side street and Dave starts getting a little nervous…. Lets just say its not the best looking street in town and leave it at that……
Anyway, we get there with plenty of time to spare. Have a bit of look around and then Dave heads in and I go back to the car.

Go Lakers .

I bought an inverter to run my laptop so I could do some photo and video editing while I wait, but my laptop clearly pulls more than the label says and it blows the fuse in the inverter in about 5 seconds. So, working with the charge I have, I finish up some photos I was editing for a couple I took a few weeks back.
Once the laptop battery is flat, I head out to take some night photos. You can see them in my photo gallery in my album.
Latter that night, Dave walks back to the car… well, I should say it accurately… Dave floats back to the car.. He was pretty excited.

Thursday night then we head off to the baseball.
Had a great night. $1 beer!!! (or not). We lost. Badly.
Photos in my album.

Today, Friday, we head to Las Vegas. Get there latter today, tour the Hoover Dam tomorrow (and chill by the pool). Saturday night we hit the town.
Sunday we come home.
Monday church in LA.

All next week? No idea, but I suspect it will involve buying some Lakers clothes for sure.

Dave flys out next Sunday.

To be continued…….