Terrys flip off the tramp

So, partly in answer of Matt’s request, we did a little video of Terry doing a front flip off the tramp.
He has been able to do this one for a while, if you remember back to my 365 days, I took a photo of him doing a front flip off a park bench when were back in the rental house…..
Anyway, the photo is interesting, but when you see it in motion its pretty cool.
I like it mostly because it looks like he is going to over rotate and thus end up doing a massive face plant, but he always lands it and usually follows up with a sweet roll (the roll, while not totally necessary is a big part of the whole Parkour thing… its about moving smoothly from object to object, using your body to flow around each object).

Been busy at work, I will get a phone photo and show you one reason why some time this week hopefully. (The other 2 reasons will have to wait a bit).