Fathers Day’s Drive 2011.

I got two presents this year. (Who’s a lucky guy?).
Freddy is buying me a wireless USB link for my camera to laptop so that I dont have to trip over the cable when I am shooting in the studio.
(Every single model that I have shot in the studio just loves the tethered shooting, they see their shot about 5 seconds after I take it).
That’s in the mail (well, it will be once I order it…. haven’t had time even get on the computer and order my own present… lame), so for the actual day, Freddy wanted to know what I wanted to do.
Since its been a while, I asked if we could go for a drive.
Both kids immediately offered to make my day a lot more pleasant by them staying home. And they did not even know where I wanted to drive!
So, Sunday morning, Freddy packed a picnic lunch and off we went.

Lotsa miles, lotsa a fun.

We had a destination in mind, Desert View Tower.
It was a really nice drive out there. Mostly freeway, you have to hand it to the Americans, they know how to make smooth wide open freeways.
While we were heading south on the freeway, Freddy saw a helium filled gold star balloon float over the freeway. It was pretty weird to see it float over, seemingly in the middle of no where. But, we thought nothing more of it (hold this thought).

The tower is interesting, the guy is nice and friendly, but the view is just as good from the ground I suspect as from the top of the tower.

Desert View Tower.
Desert View Tower.
Desert view

We headed off and just found a little place to pull over to have lunch in the car (it was blowing a near gale, so had no choice). The weather was really hot (38°C) so it was just as well to sit inside the car.

Here is the view we had for lunch.

Lunch view.

Heading north, we were out in the middle of the desert, driving along, minding our own business, when a helium filled gold star balloon floated over the road in front of the car.. It totally freaked us out. It just had to be the same one…..

We then we stopped for a potty break and when we got back on the road, we noticed another side road, so off we went…. We both saw the ‘Dead End’ sign, but figured we would be Ok… heh….
It was great to get the Rangie out into the bush again, its been a while….

Put some nice scrub marks down the side of the car.

Amazingly there was some really stinky water out there!

Phew water.

After driving through lots of soft sand and some bog holes for about an hour, we came to a sign, in the middle of a road…..

Bomb proof Rangie?

We had no choice but to turn around. (So who knew, the dead end sign was right.. this one time).

Anyway, here are the stats for the day (in Kms!!!!!)

Fathers day drive state

There are more photos from the day in my photo gallery.