Home update – wild flower garden

So I used to have this moto for the longest time…..
“If ya can’t mow it, dont grow it”.
Then it became;
“If ya can’t eat it, dont grow it”…..

I must be getting old…..

Ben and Freddys wild flower garden

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Freddy and I really love the wild flowers in SoCal, so we spent about 12 bucks and got three assorted packets of wild flower mix and spread them all over the slope. (That we are still trying to figure out what to do with).

But, rest assured, we can still eat parts of it;

Freddy harvesting tomato's.
Corn on the cob.

We have a few different vegies in. We are going to move the vegies to go between the retaining wall and house.
This will give us more room for the wild flowers and make tending the vegies easier.

Did I mention the wild flowers?

We are thinking of making a small retaining wall on the slope, this will push the grass back about 3 feet, make the yard bigger and make less of a slope. This will make the slope less of a water way when it rains 2-3 times a year. It will also make this part of the yard match the rest of the yard (Im told this is important).

Last but not least, we got the fish pond in, which turned bright green 3 days after we got it going. Nice.

Green water pond.

We got some stuff to put in the water, but I suspect that we will have to end up putting a UV light in. It seems to be all the go over here.

Hope you enjoy the photos, we are enjoying the back yard. Its slowly coming together and is the peaceful place we want / need it to be (except for the screaming kids and barking dogs in the park over the back…..).