Yah for less traffic!

I’m guessing that there would not be too many people on the planet that would be really excited about having less traffic go to their web site….. Well, as we all should know by now, Im not exactly normal…..

Here is my Google Analytics results. Now and then I check them out, mostly just to see what is the most popular web page on my site and to ensure that I show said page some love (ie, check it for spelling errors).
Well, when I checked last week, I found something interesting… I found that person or persons unknown (and yes, I could have traced their IP address and done a ‘whois’ and such and found out, but really, I dont have time for my life, why would I want theirs?) had linked to a few images and bits of code on my site.
The traffic that said linking was driving to my site was in the order of hundreds of people a day!!!!!
Thankfully, I know you lot, and so knew that it was no one I knew and so my care factor slipped a little.
It took me about 1.3 femtoseconds (google it) to decided that I was just going to yank my old web site off my web server once and for-all and that should be that.
As you can see from the drop in traffic. It was. From hundreds of people hitting my site, to single digits… THATS more like it! Yeah!
In the process, I broke the link to my photo album…. a surprising 3 days passed before any one complained (Im talking about you here Doug). I think I am happy that you lot are so patient with me. Once he did complained, I actually fixed it better than it was, and he is now happier than he was (what a good web site admin I am!)

So, all in all, I am glad that I now only have the traffic hitting my site that is really for my site and not some freeloaders.

All that is a very long way of saying, if something is broken on my site. Let me know.