Its not easy being green

We got a bit of a green screen for work……

Personally I have been wanting to have a crack at one for a while with my photography. Freddy and I talked about painting one wall of the garage / studio green when we were moving in last year…. In the end, it was quicker to just do it all blue, but the idea has never left my mind.
In the studio at work, the back drop is fading and the color is changing. Rather than just change it out for another fixed color, we thought we would go with the green so we can drop in different backgrounds as needed.
Of course the main difference between work and home is that we will be shooting video at work, and at home I would be doing stills.
Pretty excited to see how it all goes and to learn some new skills in lighting both it and the subject and then swapping it out in post production… who knows, I might end up with a green wall at home yet….