Multi time virginity?

Pardon me while I rant here for a moment……

I have heard this saying a few times from a wide range of people in the past few weeks and it is really pushing my buttons!
I don’t know how or when it started, but seems to be well understood and frequently used among the people I have heard it from…. That said, all of them are under 30, so perhaps that should be considered in this matter. I suspect that 99% of us ‘oldies’ are going to be a bit like me and get a bit ruffled over it….

OK, so what I’m talking about…. The saying goes like this; When you do something, and we are talking about doing anything here, for the first time, its becoming popular to say that you are losing your virginity to that event.
Going on your first motorbike ride, you lose your motorcycling virginity to that bike/ride.
Going to your first rock concert, you are losing your concert virginity to that band/stadium.
Get a job and go to work, on that first day, you lose your working life virginity to that company.
Go on a roller coaster ride, lose your virginity to that coaster.
On and on it go’s. You get the idea.

The flip side also gets used, that is, the person that invites you to the event often comments that they took your virginity, that they are responsible for it. The person usually says it with some pride.
So for example, if I arrange to take Freddy on her first roller coaster ride, then I can say to my friends that ‘I took Freddys roller coaster virginity’.

I know its just a word and I probably should not be so rev’ed up about it all, but it bothers me that it is really cheeping something is not cheap nor should be just tossed around like that!
It bothers me that it seems to be the younger crowd that is saying it the most. It seems that given time it will just wear down people to the point where they might/will get to the point where they think doing anything for the first time is not that big of a deal. Ultimately then, when you get to the big first time, it will also be dispensed with the same frivolity as these other events!!

Perhaps it is the difference in countries, perhaps it is the difference in the circle of people that we are moving in now, but it has become even more real/clear to me just how much sex and sleeping around goes on and it bothers me that there is no regard for just how important and special it is, how once its given……….. that’s it, you can never ever get it back or give it again. Your first time is just that, your first and only first time!!!!

Going on roller-coaster rides and having sex are not the same, but this latest saying strives to put them on the same shelf and that really bothers me.

Ok. I don’t feel any better, but rant over.