Facebook does not like travelers

So, I am up for air enough to post my last two 365 photos on Facebook.
Nice thought. FAIL!

It seems that Facebook is very grumpy that I have tried to log in from the other side of the planet.
Very suspicious, same computer, same email, same password, yep, sounds suspicious to me!

Fine, I lived just fine with out you Facebook for the longest time. I insolently thought I would use you to keep a few friends and family in touch with my trip, but it seems that you are intent on simply fueling my hate for you all the more.
Or perhaps it was because I watched ‘The Social Network’ on the plane on the way over?

Either way, I am posting my 365 photos in my photo album on my site, along with a few others that I might (hope?) take of the trip….. My web site admin does not mind that I am uploading photos from a little further away than normal.

What a nice bloke he is!