Working hard is for the Yan….wait…what??

And I thought you only worked hard in America……
6 hours on Friday when I arrived, 8 hours on Sunday and 12 hours today…. and I have only been in the country 3.5 days!!!!!!

Apart from that, going pretty good. The long hours mean I dont have time to get to the shops yet and buy a blanket, so I am still using the bath towels as blankets.
So much for summer in Sydney.
The room is quite, which is really nice as the office I am in all day has about 15 people in it, and a constant stream of about that many more going in and out all day… And there are no cubes, its all just desks everywhere. Pretty noisy and high energy for an introvert.

What else…. duno really. I now get why they are keeping this project under wraps after having seen it first hand. Its one of those things that in 10 years time I will look back on and say, yeah, I had a part in that and people will know. Not everyone, its not earth shattering, but nearly everyone.

Im still working out the food thing.
I think I picked a really bad month to give up drinking.

That is all.