America 1, Australia 0.

Right, that’s it. I’m done!
Do I need to run the physics with you?
Is your day really that much so more important than mine?
Is your life, really that much more valuable than mine?
Your arrogance is staring to bore me.

In all regards, the American (and by that I mean Temecula) respect for the pedestrian is far, far, FAR superior than Sydney drivers.
In less than a week I have had two near life experiences and several blatant ‘I dont care if you are on the curb waiting to cross, Im going to drive in your path anyway’

It really is astounding just how little car drivers think of pedestrians here. We are like leaf litter. Meir trash. Its so bad, I am embarrassed for those drivers, and more so for their passengers.
Imagine going through life treating other people with such disrespect. How do they treat their wives and girlfriends sitting in the seat next to them?
No, I dont think I am jumping too far on this one. You run someone down that you make eye contact with, you chose not to stop 6 feet further back and allow them to cross safely in front of you, well, I just don’t think that you are setting a good example for those in the car with you, and I suspect that you treat them like dirt from time to time as well.

The car is not your right to go and do what ever you please.

Slow down and lighten up!