Still here, even when Im not.

Im reminded of a line from a song that I know (Rush, by Big Audio Dynamite);
“Life just carries on, even when I’m not there”.

This blog is a little like that. I hope.
Working long hours (still). Working 6 days a week (still).
Going to be here at least until the end of January, but there is a solid chance (a very solid chance) that I may be off air for another two months after that.
Im not going to say exactly what until I am sure, but trust me, its both exciting and terrifying.

Getting on Ok other wise.
Sleep, Skype with the team and some of the family back home, breakfast, shower, walk to work, work, walk home from work, tech emails, eat, sleep. (Some where in all that, try and get a 365 photo).
That’s been my past 14 days and I see no chance or reason of that changing any time soon.
Thankful that my room is quiet and that the bed is comfy.
Thursday nights I go shopping to get supplies for the week.
Saturday, I sleep. Skype with my boy (who is at school when I am up through the week, so we only get to catch up on the weekends) and do laundry. (And usually sleep some more).
Today (Saturday), I listened to some music while just lying on the bed for the first time since arriving. It was very nice.
Started out with some Trace and ended up listening to Dido. The girl can sing, I will say that much.

So, I really hope this blog just carries on, even when Im not here.