Back in the groove (for the most part).

Well that was ‘fun’…….

Its hard to fully describe exactly what has transpired over the past few months, so here is a link or two that will give those that don’t know what we have been up to, a bit of clue……

The quick version, care of Opto 22.

The long version, care of National Geographic.

Im looking forward to seeing the 3D IMAX movie latter this year.
There is also going to be a longer (2D) movie made for NatGeoTV that will air latter this year as well.
(We don’t have cable on, so I hope that someone will invite me over or record it for me).

Yes, I did take some photos, but not with my Canon, they did not allow us to do that, so I have some personal photos and videos that I took with my Android mobile (cell) phone…. So no, you will never see them unless you come over. We were all told that the photos we took were never to see the light of the Internet or email, so they are just personal memories.

Long story short, we, as you know, went to Sydney, to help out on the sub control system for 2-4 weeks, and ended up going to sea for the last 3 months. Pretty crazy stuff. Turns out I get really really really really really sea sick. Who knew.
We ended up helping out with the life support system, sonar computer, video recorder hard drives, audio and two way radio systems a bit as well…. as well as the Opto 22 gear.
Thankfully the Opto 22 programmer, Luis, was amazing, I have only seen a small half handful of people code our stuff like he did, it was a pleasure to work with him.
And yes, we did work with James Cameron on a daily basis. He was already in Sydney when I arrived, in fact he was the second person I met when I walked into the warehouse that the sub was getting built in…..

Not to sure how interested in what went down you all are, so I will leave it here for now, feel free to ask any questions, depending on what you ask will depend on if I answer it here or ask for your email address and answer you privately……

Its good to be back.