Use that space space she said, it will be easy she said…..

Ever since we moved in Freddy has been going on about the space at the end of the kitchen bench….. You know, in the corner… You cant put a lazy susan there because the dishwasher is next to it, so its just sort of a shut off corner.
I have to agree, it was a big waste of space.
Two years and bit latter, my good mate Dan visits on his way to Canada to see his folks and so he stays for a few days. Freddy sees a chance to get a bit more motivation going and so we get talking about it.
Dan suggests we drill a test hole so we can see whats in there;

(Gary,you will be pleased to know that this small hole lead to a nice solid discussion about it providing a nice excuse…err… reason for buying one of those snake inspection video cameras).

The thought was that if we found something we did not expect, we could cover up the small hole and be done with it.
Good plan. Pity I did not follow through….

Seeing nothing unexpected, the little hole got a little bigger;

Here is where things started to go a little wonky…. Dan had left by this stage and so it just made sense to me to make the hole the size you want it.
Wrong. How can you finish a hole that’s a little too big. Yeah. Pretty tricky that. If it was in the ground, you would just fill it in, but when its wood…

Moving the wire was easy, I do electrickery. Wood on the other hand, I dont do…..
Anyway, after spending about two days on it and putting it off for a week or more, I finally broke down and fessed up to my Dad that I was way out of my depth and if he would be so kind as to fly over and finish it for me, I would be very grateful…. He wisely declined and offered the best bit of advice… if your hole is too big, hide it! That is, make the cover for the hole bigger than the hole itself. Pure genius.

So, I bit the bullet, bought the sliders for the draws, set aside a day and jumped in.

I got some thin ply to put around the edges and with some putty and paint, we got the actual hole looking pretty neat.
The sliders took way longer than they should have. I have never been one for level much of the time, but draws are different, you have to get the sides level so they will slide together and they have to be roughly level, the draws were to hold my whiskey and such, so I did not want any spillage!

It took all day to make everything.
The simple fact of not having sawing horses also makes things harder than it needs to be…. The back patio furniture had to be the stunt double in that area;

Anyway, after 12 hours and two sore knees, we got there…..
Dads idea was gold, by making the outside of the draws a bit bigger than the hole, it all gets covered when they are shut and you dont look that close when you are getting a drink (and if you do, just pour another drink).

I had to custom make the draws as well, that was a little time consuming as well.

So in the end, we did get the space back, but it was far far far far far far from easy!