First time laps with new camera software

I got some new software for my camera… This probably deserves a blog entry all on its own as you can imagine if Im running it, its not your usual software and not exactly Canon approved….That said, its amazing. Just astonishing what these guys have managed to do. For me, its like getting 3-4 new cameras all in one hit.
Probably an even better way to tell you how amazing this stuff is… your sitting down right?….. is by telling you I printed out the ~40 page manual for it… Yeah. Probably the first time in …..oh…. I want to say 10 or more years that I have done that… Yeah, this software is amazing and a little complicated in the sense that it really pushes what the camera can do and a lot of the functions are interlinked, so you really need to keep track of what does what.

Ok, that was a long preamble.
Bottom line. The software has a time laps function.
If you have been keeping track, you know that this is something that interests me a great deal…. I probably should dig up the first couple I did from the roof our place in Buninyong with a web cam stuffed in a box with a bit of glass hot glued on the front as a window… but I digress…..

The new software is pretty clever, it takes the first photo and analyzes the image and then tries ramp the shutter speed and ISO setting to keep things nice and even.
When we went out, I had some trouble setting the reference image, so it shot all the other frames a bit bright, but anyway, here are the results.

There are some comments at the bottom of the video you might find helpful.
I know its not the best, but I learned a great deal and am looking forward to going out there again and will make a few changes.
So consider this an engineering release rather than art.

Oh, and it was taken at Freddy and I’s favorite spot, Indian Springs.