A realistic journey.

Terry has become quite the Tolkin fan. The Lord Of The Rings movies (hes currently reading the book) and the Hobbit (hes read the book).
So, its no surprise that once the release date for the Hobbit was announced, he announced that he wanted to go to the midnight premiare.
It was a school night and none of us were up for getting him at 3am (Temecula has a youth curfew , so hes not allowed out on his own after 10pm).

It then unfolded that we went on Saturday night.
We being Terry, me and his friend Kels (of the prom date fame).
I told him, the only way I was interested in going (I had read the reviews and did not want to see it as much as Terry did) is if I could see it at 48 frames per second and 3D.
Not sure I have made it all that clear in this blog, but I am not a fan of 3D. Have seen a few movies in 3D and find the effect a bit of a gimmick that does little other than make me motion sick.
So why then, would I ask, nah, demand, that we see it in 3D…..?
Well, if you are going to forced to accept a new method of viewing movies, you may as well see what the fuss is from the very start. Bit like Windows 8 really.

The first few seconds are the worst. It all just looks really really fake. The sets look cheap. You can see the fake hair on Bilbo. The depth is way off. Even the light is clearly fake, the angles and shading are just wrong from what your brain says it should be.
I had a sudden confusion about the whole movie right then and there… I was super worried that the whole thing was going to be like those few minutes, just cheap and fake.
But, before long, your brain readusts and you settle into the movie.
I would hazard a guess that it was only another 5-8 times that my brain ‘woke up’ and clearly rejected as overly fake what it was presented.
4-5 times I got motion sick and had to shut my eyes.
The actions scenes are still blurry.
Bottom line. Im not sure what the point is. It just makes things much much harder for the costume, make up and sets guys.
The 3D is no real different at 48FPS. Its still meh.

As for the movie, its ok. Its long and has more detail than it needs, but it keeps moving enough that you just manage to keep awake (the book is far more engaging).
Disappointing is that the 13 Dwarfs are passed off as a bit like the three stooges, or the key stone cops. The audience only chuckled 3-4 times the whole movie, so I am not sure why they need to be tried to be passed off like that.
Also they have added an Ork into the mix. Needlessly.

All that said, you should know I have read the book 14 times in my distant youth, so probably am a bit hardened by the years and poor memories.

I rate it a solid 2 out of 5.