The little car that did.

Regulars here will no doubt remember the day we took Amys new Smart Car for a spin.

Well, today, we took mine for a pretty similar trip…..
Wont bore you with the screen shot of the map as it was pretty close to what we did with Amys car, just a little further south this time around to cover some new ground.
5 hours and some 220 miles. Took it nice and easy except for a little bit at the very end. Still managed to do two things.
1. Got 41MPG for the trip.
2. Came away very very very impressed.

The only people that laugh and poke fun at these cars are the ones that have not driven them.
The engineers at Mercedes did a bang up astounding job with this car. I have no idea how you get it all to work like it does, but wow, does it ever work.

Photos from the trip are in my photo album.

Comfortable. Yes, a little bit loud with the road noise (will see what we can put under the carpet to help with that), amazing handling, paddle shifters are the bomb.

Before any of you (Dan) comment about why the lid is not down… I found a limit to going topless. Wind. It was blowing a gale for most of the trip.
That said, we got a few miles protected from the blast in behind Palomar Mountain when we could drop the top. Its really nice being able to put it up and down at highway speeds.

Im not really going to bother telling you too much about it. You will just find a way to turn it around and poke fun at it / me, and for the most part that’s fine.
Just know that I honestly feel I can put up with this one for a few years while we get Terry through collage and then look at a convertible with few more horsepower. (Im still lusting over an Audi TT, but will look at the SLK350 again when the time comes).

Will be posting the Rangie for sale this week. The drive sealed that decision.