Every day (only just!).

It was nice to be woken up by the sound of rain on the roof at 2:07am this morning (just wish I had gone back to sleep after it was done!).
For a while I was worried that my record of driving to work topless every day was going to be broken…..
But, I am happy to say that the rain stopped just long enough for me to get the drive done.
Did not drop the roof the whole way, but it still counts!

Topless in the rain

The little car continues to amaze. Terry and I got the traction control to come on while driving him to school… the car stayed in its lane the whole way around the corner. Very impressive given how wet the roads are (it ‘never’ rains in California, so when it does, the oil and grease on the road glitters like millions of rainbows).

P.S Might have to make a new blog category of ‘Smart Car’ if this keeps up… Then again, I dont think anyone other than me uses them…..