Coopurr. 2008-2013

We suspect rat poison.
For the past few days he has been really grumpy, then the day before yesterday he puked up white foam. From there on it was all down hill.
Amy saw him in the front garden yesterday on her way to work. He did not move from that spot.
Freddy checked on him through the day and around 1pm she text’d me to say he was gone.

Outside cats have short life spans. Coopurr all the more so since he was such a grumpy cat. We often suspected he had some sort of ear pain, the vet cleared him each time we took him down, but he never looked comfortable to me.

Anyway, Im sure Amy will miss him as he mostly slept with her each night, but the rest of us did not have that close of an attachment with him.

We are just grateful that we know what happen to him in the end.