I wana visit home.

Pretty sure its no secret, I want to get home for a few weeks sometime this year.
But. When.

Funny joke, I told my boss Benson that I wanted to head back for a visit, he of course asked me how long I was thinking of going for. Without batting an eye lid, I told him 6 weeks.
The look on his face was priceless.

So, Im thinking 2-3 weeks.
The length is sort of driven by when.
I dont have 3 weeks leave now. (I have in fact, around 3 days). If we come over xmas time, we can get about 2 weeks leave at the cost of 3 days off work. So that’s nice, but flights are more expensive.
This year I have been at Opto for 5 years, so starting April 1st I start accruing leave at 20 days a year. Hence latter this year I will have the leave I need.
We were thinking of heading over around Sept/Oct, same time as our 1 week church gig, but that means 9 days in Bright, which is Ok, but am not sure its our best use of our time.

Also the other thing to consider is if we should come together, or just me. (The kids don’t even factor into this conversation in case you were wondering).
See, Freddy does not necessarily want to spend 2-3 days with my Dad and 2-3 days with Matt and 2-3 days with Gary and Dan… I on the other hand, do not really want to spend 4-6 days seeing her family either. (No offence to any of you, we all love you heaps, its just that we sort of have separate lives in Australia and want to make the best use of the time to see all of you).

Lastly there are two curve balls.
1. I would love to get up and see my mate Max up in Broken Hill.
2. I really want to see my sister and brother in law up in FNQ. (Emerald).
Both of these serve two purposes. I get to see people I love and second, I get to see some more of the land I love. (Doubly so seeing Sue as I have not been up in that part of the world (it was on the map to see when I rode my old Goldwing around Australia, which, incidentally was the plan if we did not get our 2 year work visa).

So, how to fit, both time and money wise, all of that into some time latter this year.
I have no idea.
(Oh, and we need to forget going around June/July as that’s when Matt is going walkabout… hes doing another big tip up the guts of Australia with his family and ‘new’ camper).