5 Minutes to groov

Not been blogging as regular as I would like, its been pretty busy over this part of the world with the new product. groov. Fun. But busy.

Here is the video that took up way too much of Jeff and Iz life a few weeks back…

It was a lot of work. Scripted, but no teleprompt, I had to learn it and get it right. I think we did about 20-25 takes. It was pretty exhausting.

Drove Jeff ‘mad’ hearing it over and over.

A few things worth noting. For the most part, its done in one take and in real time.
Yes, there is a cut when we go from me to the computer screen, but its still all done in real time… The way we did that was to speed up the video of the computer screen, then I put my audio over the top. In other words, we recorded me doing the computer stuff, then re-recorded just the audio of me talking the computer stuff.
What happens is that when I am doing both the computer and the talking, I am too slow, but it gets the flow right. So we do it twice and the second time, we speed up the playback of the video and I have to talk ‘fast’ to keep up.
Its a pretty cool trick that works well.

The one other thing I want to point out…. At the very end, when I hold up the phone, yeah, total fake.
I had the wrong screen up when we recorded, but we liked the take, so Jeff replaced the screen on the phone with another…. amazing bit of work!!!

We have learned a great deal, and hopefully the next one (start shooting in a week or so I suspect) will go a lot smoother in the recording process.

Anyway, I think its our most advanced in house video todate. New set, new backdrop, new product, new effects, new methods.

Twenty second tease to end with.

We are pretty excited about groov.