What can come of some mates on Skype.

It just occured to me that perhaps some of you would not know that from time to time (seems like around once a month) Opto gets invited to comment on a topic of interest.
Sometimes those requests end up on my desk, sometimes others are better placed to talk about the subject.
This has been going on since before I got here.
Bottom line is you get quoted in trade magazines and websites a fair bit over the years……
Here is one such example:
The reason this one made it to this blog is because its a bit of shout out to my buddies Gary and Dan.
I have to credit them for the opening quote from me that made into this write up.
Its a sad quote for them, but typical. People really have lost their tolerance for downtime. Network, computer and just connectivity in general. Its now just expected 100% of the time.
The three of us Skype around once a quarter, its a great chance to catch up of course, but we are all still (even after all these years apart) resources for each other and we exchange all sorts of information and advice in the hour or so we Skype.
Its pretty cool and has some surprising knock on effects…. Like getting quoted in trade magazines (I gave the print copy to Terry to read).