Never thought I would see that

Spent the best part of a week in Bellingham Washington a few weeks back.
It was Ok. (Did not see much of the town, just the inside of the air-con of their newest supermarket).
The thing is, on the way up, not only did I get to fly in a twin turboprop for the first time ever, but we ended up flying past Mount St Helens…. and I was on the right side of the plane to catch it. Nice coincidence.

Proof. (of both)


That is a really big chunk of dirt that got shifted.
Its one thing to read about it, its a whole ‘nother thing to see it.
I clearly remember this happening in 1980, and I remember reading about the photographer that died protecting his film at the time (I was 14 and just starting to get into photography).

So, it was pretty amazing to see it, and it is definitely something I never, ever (ever) thought I would see.