Back on the bike.

As you may recall, Terry is going to college three days a week (and one night).
This means he has the Passat, and so while he is at college, and while I am work in the Smart, Freddy is stuck at home.

The solution of course is to buy a car. We have been looking for a while, tossing up what sort, and how much we should spend on it.
Freddy has been looking for months. Long before Amy moved north, we knew the situation was coming, so Freddy has been going over the numbers and the deals on the Interwebs.
Long story short. We cant make up our minds.

So, when Terry said he wanted to get his bike out cause running was just not doing it for him, he had no resistance from me.
Turns out that the riding I did way back put some miles in my tank and they are still rattling around.
We did a few rides to get the kinks out, and then rode to work.

Rode to work

Easy really. Its a straight shot of around 7 miles (11 kms). Its too short really.
Once I get a few more miles in the tank I think I will start taking the long way to get there, and just come the short way home. (Its still too hot (~30C) in the afternoons for me).

Been keeping track of the riding the same way as the running. Runkeeper.

cycling screen shot

Its a bit up and down as I swap riding with running a bit of late. I hope that once we come back from our trip home that I can settle down to riding to work three times a week.
That would be cool.

Have not talked about it much, but I mostly sold the Goldwing because car drivers in Temecula care more about their game of Angry Birds/emails/text messages than they do for other traffic.
I knew it was only a matter of time till I got smacked. So I sold it.
Anyway, weird thing is, I dont feel as at risk on the bike as I did on the bike.

The best thing of all?

I got the old Fisher out of the garden shed, pumped up the tires and we were good to go.
Matt did a great job setting that thing up!

Old faithful