We all hate tele-marketers right? (Right?)

They call at all hours and annoy the life out of us via the phone.
This guy loves them!
He wants them to call!!!!

How that?
He got a ‘premium’ phone number, one that gives a cut back to you the owner for each minute the line is in use.
So the premium line company makes money, you the owner makes money, but the telemarketer company pay big time.


What a great idea. You keep them talking as long as you can. I used to do this in Australia most of the time. My goal was to keep them on the line, or get them to hang up on me.
I got pretty good. One call lasted over 40 minutes and another guy dropped the F-bomb on me and hung up after ranting a bit more (I’m talking about you here Optus). (I sooooo bad wished I had somehow recorded that one).

Anyway, not having too much of an issue here as Im super careful here with my mobile number and the VOIP number I have is unlisted…..

Wonder if you can get these premium number here in the States?