Its bad enough outside the circle!

Washington Post ran this picture the other day;

More people live in this circle than outside

They listed the populations of the nations inside the circle vs the rest of the world, and sure enough, the circle marker was right.

Thing is, I’m flipping out enough from all the people here…..
You have as many people in southern California as in ALL of Australia!!!!!!
Try, just try and wrap your head around that.
The two countries are roughly the same size;

Aust vs usa land mass

From just north of LA, a two hour drive, to the southern border of California, a two hour drive, to the eastern border, a two hour drive, to the beach in the west, a two hour drive, in that circle, the middle of which I live in, just in that circle, you have as many people as live in the entire landmass of Australia.

Tough to get your head around (if you live in Australia and have not traveled much, and even if you have, it still takes focused thought to comprehend.).

There is a lot of people and money and surplus energy here. We have an unsustainable lifestyle here. The excess is disturbing at times.

Inside the circle?
I can’t even begin to imagine.