Look up Downunder

One of the cool things about being back home is the stars.
It has been freezing, but as a result, the stars are so steady you have to really look hard to see if they twinkle at all.
(Its one of my pet peeves that the poets did everyone such a disservice by saying how wonderful it is when the stars are twinkling….. That’s the worst! It means that the atmosphere is really turbulent and that the path the starlight is taking from space to our eye is wobbling all over the place…. If you look up and the stars are twinkling, go back inside and find something else to do).

Hope to break out the mates telescope tomorrow night (or tonight if we can tear ourselves away from his amazing home theater system).

In the mean time, here is a real quick and dirty photo I took while driving from Bright to Uranquinty.
Just a simple stop on the side of the road. Quick 30 second photo. Nothing fancy on the post processing. Bump on the temperature to bring it back to what it really looked liked (inky black).

Yes, they really are this amazing.
If you find yourself Downunder, look up.

Night sky. Uranquinty. NSW.