Brand new computer.

Some of you will know this, some of you have a life, and so this will be news for you…..

2 Weeks back I had a gig on the East Coast. Part of the ‘tech transfer’ from a few brains to a few brains.
The subject? DeepSea Challenger. A few members of the team got together to show the guys at Woods Hole Oceanographic how to start up, pull apart and put back together their new sub.
Anyway, while I was there, a small human induced power surge occurred in the house.
The end result of said surge was that the web server and LED sign went down for around 5 days.
Once we got back we were able to take a look at it and sadly discovered that the motherboard of the web server computer was fried and same with the power supply for the LED sign.

This was a bit of a bother since I did not really have a back up (yeah yeah).
I have the software backed up, but I don’t exactly have a spare computer lying around like I used to in days of old.
Anyway, the fact that your reading this means its up, and that means something happen right?
Yep. Two things.
Firstly, I got the old web server computer back into action.
This is a little scary as off the top of my head I figured it was around 10 years old. It ran the web site in Buninyong for 5 years, then over here for around 5.
A week latter, I was talking to the guy that gave me the PC in the first place, and he said that he had used it for about 4-5 years before it failed (blown capacitors on the motherboard)… This kind of freaked both of us out.

Anyway, long story long……. I have a very generous and kind web site fan.
A few days after getting the web site back up and running (for the most part, still got a few little odd kinks). I came home to a package.


Not the best photos, we just used the phone (which I should really do a blog of its own about) and even then, Freddy was the photographer. But, you get the idea.

20131202_195144 (1)

In case you are wondering, I am taking a big sniff of new electronics!!! Yum!
Its been so long since I have ever had a brand new shiny computer, so I just had to make the most of the smell.


I am so very grateful for such a generous gift.
The plan is to take the site down at some stage over the weekend and move the web server hard drive over.
We can all rest easy knowing that the site will be running on something other than 15 year old hardware.

The other cool thing is that I was able to bludgen the blown web server power supply into the LED sign, and its back up and running. Not that some of you need the invite, but feel free to leave me the odd polite (MattB, I’m blogging about you) message.

(But I am still not going to throw out the old old old old PC… cause, you know, its nice to have a backup).