Google Glass. Again.

Benson at work signed up for the google glass program when it started, just today, he took delivery of them.

Its kind of funny / sad from here.
Hes an iOS guy. Like, hard core Apple fan boi. Its the source of endless teasing both ways, ’cause I am as hard core Linux / Android as he is Apple…. But, we both agree that you have to use the right hammer for the job. There are people where I have strongly recommended that they buy an iPhone. Its true. I have. My other boss Bob is one of them.
Anyway, point is, we both really love our tech and are both major geeks…..
So it was with some delight on my behalf when about an hour after getting said Google glasses, they end up on my desk.
There is no iOS app for them, and they are pretty much useless without one.
Oh, the joy.
Anyway, I have been playing around for a little while with them, getting them on my Google account, downloading the Android app and setting things up…. Interesting.
Im looking forward to seeing how they go a bit more.
Yes, I have a goal. It is to get Opto gear hooked up to them. The primary way they work is with voice commands.
So, the goal is to turn stuff on and off at work via them…. In other words, prove the value or other wise in having this ability to control stuff from such a user interface.
I have to say, I am really looking forward to the challenge both technically and socially.

Sad to say, they don’t hook to my Instagram account, so I have a Tumblr that I think I will be using a bit for them.
You can find it here;
Stuff all on there at the moment…. give me some time….. (Im trying to decided if I should just go the hack and post a bunch of ‘Through Google Glass’ photos on there since its pretty easy to do, or if I should just post really significant stuff… thoughts everyone?)

Also, I am trying to gauge how much interest there is in these things and if I should do a bit more of a tech blog about them and how they work etc.

Anyway, here’s a photo of me wearing them in the lounge with my new Smart Car shirt;