Just to be clear as glass

So, to be clear. I am not going to edit my last blog, it can stand, but I think I can see how I might have written it a little to fast (me? excited?) and made too much of a joke at Apple’s expense.
Just to be super clear. You don’t NEED an iOS app to make Google Glass work. It works just fine with no app and the web interface. It was always Benson’s plan to share the Glasses around at work, my turn was first, that is all. In due course they will go through the engineering department and so on till the whole place has had any chance they want to try them out.

Moving right along.

I did not get a lot of time to play with them today, it was straight down to work.
Getting them working with our hardware and groov.

What better task than to use Google Glass to write stuff on my LED sign?
At the moment, they are rather limited in what they can do (You can side load ‘apps’ and get them to do more, but out of the box they can just do search, send a text and post photos/videos), so that limits what connectivity options you have if you want something going pretty quick.

Lets get them to send a text. But where?
Enter IFTTT.
Benson has been watching and playing with this crowd for a while, I have not as yet, so today was my first dip in their water… And its pretty nice.
I set up a rule that said if I send a text to them, they would write a file of the text to my dropbox.
Mary then wrote some code for our controllers that looked at the dropbox on the computer and if it saw a file there, then move the contents of the text file into a string variable in the controller.
It was simple then for me to take her code and tweak it so that it showed said string on the LED sign.

I will try and make a little video of the process when I get a chance, but in a nut shell, you tell Glass to send the text. A few seconds latter the file appears in the computer from IFTTT, a few seconds after that, we pick up the file, convert it to a string, send it to the sign and then delete the file so we are ready to do it all again.
Terrys had a blast using it tonight.
It really is very cool.

googleglass to led sign

Next challenge is to go back the other way.
Get data from the Opto controller and display it on the Glass interface.
This could be tricky.

All that said…. I think I am falling into like with them…..