Too little too late.

We are having a rotten winter.
People keep saying to me how much they are loving it and they wish every winter could be like this….. It drives me mad.

Three months of weather data for Temecula

Here is a plot of the last three months of our weather from my station at home.
You can see the red line at the very bottom, thats the rain fall. The biggest fall was around 6mm. SIX MILLIMETERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can also see that we have had many days over 20degC and a few over 25.
Yes, its ‘beautiful’ weather, but it sure ain’t winter!

So, whats the answer?
Well, here is what the Governor wants to do;

Please, if you have the time, read the comments as well, not only are they entertaining, but they also serve to illustrate why we are in the mess we are.

Its unpopular to put water restrictions in place, so we are left to ‘encouragement’. Encourage cities to update their policies. Cause, well, you know, that will help for sure…. Oh, and lets wait. Lets just wait and leave it to the last possible moment before we make any decisions……

Blah, I try and not make my posts political or anything along those lines, but it just drives me nuts coming from a country where drought and real water restrictions are a fact, and here, I get a fine if my lawn browns off!!!!!

I’m going for a run to (try) and calm down…. Its winter, so the weather is perfect for running….