We have a release data.

Well, not long now….. All this time I have been wondering (fearfully) how we (Opto) would be portrayed… Not long now and pretty much millions of people will know. I will either be put out of my misery, or be worse off.

August 8th 2014.


Im guessing that will be released in Australia at the same time.

Looking again at the preview, I wonder….. I mean the system did not even make that fast ‘ding ding ding ding’ sound. It makes the single ‘ding’ when you press a button the screen. Jim was steadfast that he did not want any alarm type sounds in the sub, he wanted nothing to distract or mask the sounds of the sub. What they have done is taken a sound sample of the select button and looped it over and over very fast.
So I really dont know…. But, in about 3 months we will know…..

It is what it is, I will just have to somehow make peace and learn to live with what really happen and why.