beno dot id dot au – how hard can it be?

Im done.
I was done about 10 years ago, so by now, I am over done!
Thanks to the weird rules of the Australian government years ago, Australian citizens were not allowed to have .com website names, so I was forced to go with the .id address.
It was stupid then, its been stupid the whole time, and now that I have moved to the USA, its even more annoying.
The number of times I have had to take a 3-4 minute conversation to explain what the .id is to people is just no longer worth it.

About a week and a bit ago, after the Nth time of telling the same person my web address for the Nth time (Sorry, its beno dot what? Whats id? Why is it that? I have never heard of that. How do you type id? .au, what’s that? I have never heard of that. What website ends in that? But what if I’m not in Australia? Can I still see it?), I finally cracked.

In a few days, this website will have a new address,
Yes, its a few extra characters to type, but you are not going to get a lot of love from me over that given what I have had to put up with over the past 10 years.

Can you tell Im done? I am. I am so very done.
It was not fun right from the time I bought it.
It barely got the job done, I should have moved on years ago.

It should be a clean switch. No, I am not going to do a forward from the old to the new. I want a clean break. is working now.
Change your bookmark, update your memory and move on.
I’m not shedding a single tear, and neither should you.

I’m done.