Vertical windgens on Kickstarter.

Sam and I somehow bumped into each other on Instagram in the past week or so.
He lives at Bowen Hills (near Buninyong) and we share many common interests.
So, yeah, this post is kinda for him……

I was looking through the ‘Technology’ section of Kickstarter for the Nth time (as you do) and it struck me just how many wind generator projects there were.
Sam has a special interest in vertical axis wind generators….. So, here then are some of the VAWT projects on Kickstarter (Note, I have not backed any of them and can not really recommend you do either).
Looks pretty conventional. The solar panels are a joke. Not sure why they are even included. They are just too small and the angle is all wrong for most places. There is no mention about what sort of generator is under this thing, nor how much cogging noise (the noise that all generators make due to the magnets going past the coils) there is.
Im a bit (Ok, a lot) cautions that the output they list is a bit on the high side. The hookup into the house is straightforward enough, just a grid tie inverter. Im guessing they are using the wide voltage input aspect of it to match the generator output to the house. Clean and simple.
This is a great example of both what’s good about Kickstarter and what’s bad.
I mean how did this even get listed…. There is supposed to be proof of a working prototype to Kickstarter for the project to be listed. This thing looks like a photo of a bent straw….. Moving right along….
This things rather interesting. Would like to read some more about it.
I don’t think he has the generator side of things sorted as yet. All very well to get the vertical side of things working, its a whole nother ball game to get it to generate any power!
Looks a bit small in diameter, perhaps Sam can comment on that aspect.
That said, the fact that it is openly been made not to be left out in the elements is a bit of a plus… But its all a bit weird to me, its too big to hike with, but small enough to fit in a car, so I am not sure what my use case for it would be.
That said, the project was funded, so 339 people felt they had a use case for it and thats what I love about Kickstarter, unusual things for normal people.
Along the same lines as the last one. I like that this has has more diameter.
The pole and mount seems a little more serious. The small one is small enough to hike with…. 491 happy and charged backers.

Last one….
This thing could be really something…. That said, I personally never like projects that don’t offer their backers anything… Your just giving money to someone for their fun…. Kind of appeals only to a very limited number of people, and probably no one thats reading this blog!

Anyway, Sam, welcome aboard. Hope you keep posting your progress photos to Instagram if you want to follow him – or just look at his feed.