Coming to a theater almost near you.

The list of theaters that in America is now live on the website;

Not totally surprised, but its not showing in Temecula, so we have a bit of drive with Freddy and Terry to go and see it on Friday.
At this stage I suspect we will head to San Diego to see it.

Given how relatively hard its going to be to see it, I can only hope that it will come out on DVD soon. Might be the only way some of the engineers at Opto are going to catch it.
Also, no idea of how long its going to run. Its not been mentioned anywhere I can find.

Sadly(?) it looks like its not going to be shown at any iMax theaters, so you are not going to see me larger than life (Pretty sure this is a good thing).

Lastly, not sure whats the go in Australia at this point.