Affording to feel fast.

If you have been following my Instagram of late, you would have seen a bunch of Smart Car photos.
The reason for this is simple. I have been driving it a lot more of late.
Put simply, its finally getting close to the picture I had in my head, and so rather than spending my weekend in the garage tinkering with it, I am out and about driving it.
Since I love to take photos, its a simple mix that I am really enjoying, getting out and about in the car and taking photos of it in different places.

One of the trips that I did last week was a run out to Palomar Mountain.
The south side of the mountain is 7 miles of smiles. After I got up to the top, I turned around, drove down and once at the bottom, turned around and drove back up again. And again and again.
I think I did 3-4 runs.
I then drove home.

My point?
Terry is getting a taste for cars. He enjoys driving as well.
Thing is, at his age, brains and potential income, he is able to dream about and look at a very different class of car than I ever was/can.
When I was a teenager in Australia, given where I lived, it was all about going off road. So hence my Range Rover, Land Rover and Lada Niva obsession.
Over here, in Southern California, its more about the roads. There is very little off roading to do that’s not 3-4 hours drive away… So Terry can look at cars that are more…. ahhhh, higher performance……

On my return from Palomar, he saw the silly grin on my face and commented about something he read on the Internet.
“Its not about going fast, its about feeling like you are going fast”.
I totally agreed with him. The Smart Car feels like its going fast because its so small and connected to the road.
Its got a revey little motor and you have to really keep it on the boil to get any benefit from it.

But there is another important aspect to the Smart Car and why I am getting out and about in it more of late…..
I can afford to.
My little Palomar Mountain splurg took about 2 hours and cost around 9 bucks.

On Friday I came across this; (Please take the few minutes to read it)

Ok, now take a moment to watch this;

If I could have my way, I would have 2 Smart Cars, an electric to go to work and back and a Crossblade to do longer trips in.

The interesting thing is, I cant afford either!

Good luck Terry. Here is hoping that you land a job that will in time reward your efforts and you can buy the car you picture in your mind…. Feel free to let the old man look after it when you are out of town on business….