Fitness / heart rate monitor band

I have two Kickstarter projects due in the next two months, and I am honestly excited about both……
Well, let me re-phrase that, I am trying NOT to get too excited about both.

The first one that should arrive is a sleep tracker.
I will of course talk more about it when it comes, but most of you that know me know that I have really odd and variable sleep cycles. For years its been this way. Moving to the States has just made it more noticeable as I am not in a basement by myself, but how I sleep now impacts more people.
Anyway, its a small device that clips to my pillow and sends moment data to a monitor on the bedside table.
Could be interesting.

The other is the one I have been looking forward to for way too long.
Backed it like, April or May this year… Its a band that you wear around your wrist and it tracks not just heart rate, but also activity.
Big deal you say (if you have been keeping up with wearable tech), there have been a squillion of these things out for a long time.
Yes and no.
Yes, there have been many released, no, none of them do what Atlas promise….. They claim that they can look at the way the band is moving on your wrist and work out what the exercise you’re currently doing.
This is a pretty big deal.

Here is a video of a demo they gave last month;

When I was working out in the gym before Australia, it would have been really useful keeping track automatically of what I was doing and how many reps.
I’m still trying to do the push ups and pull ups every hour and am pretty tired of logging each hours reps, so this should totally remove that extra step.
As the guy states in the video, its all about automation. Just wear the band and forget it.
That’s the best tech right there.