Wireless charging.

Once upon a time there was a teenager that spent (too) many hours in his dads garage messing about trying to reproduce Tesla’s wireless energy transfer experiments.
The idea of simply plucking (or sucking?) energy out of the air and having enough power to run things excited the clueless geek.
While he may have set fire to the shed, electrocuted himself (and others), sadly, he never managed to send power very far…. He was just ahead of his time.

Fast forward 30ish years and he now owns a watch that is recharged wirelessly.
It has to be sitting on the dock, or pad, to recharge, but its still pretty cool.
There is a coil of wire in the pad, a coil of wire in the watch and the two couple together over the tiny air gap and power is transferred.
Enough to charge the (small) battery in the watch in about an hour.

The geeks life has been transformed.

All this time hes been plugging in devices to charge them. Now that the wire has been cut, he does not ever want to go back!
Seriously, hes looking at getting adaptors for more of his devices and putting more charging mats around the place so he can just plonk stuff down and have it charge.

Well, of course, our geek hero is getting old and behind the times (or hes tired of getting electrocuted for being too far ahead of the times), and others have taken up the charge (heh, see what I did there?)….


Soon, just being in your house will be enough to charge devices!!!
Or not. What sort of health effects will this have?
Im all for plonking stuff down on mats, but having that much energy coming out of my fridge? Err, no thanks.