Electronic music

When I was out in Australia, Gary asked me what Trance was.
He said you are always going on about it, when you listen to it and stuff, but what is it?
If I Google Trance, how do I know I am listening to what you are listening to.
(This comment was coupled in with his comments about ‘Dont worry about what you blog about, just blog’).

The question gave me pause. Why? Its a simple question, just post a YouTube of a Trance track and you’re done….
No, I dont think so, because I think if you are going to try and get a hint at why I love Trance so much, you need to have a glimpse at my electronic music history.
People have come and gone with Trance or classical, or rock, same with any music type, but some have stuck with their type, and if you ask why, there is usually some history, some background, some deeper meaning to the music for them than ‘its just the current fad’, or ‘I like it because its what they are playing on the radio today’.

So, you all know that I have been into electronics since I was a kid. Its just been an inner passion that has sparked my life.
I goofed around a bit with making sound with electronic circuits, but never really did much with it.
At age 12 I clearly remember listening to a album of popular tunes re-recorded on a synthesizer in our home in Brisbane. The sounds were just so sharp and unlike anything I had heard before that they just totally captivated me. I think the very thought of the fact that they were electronically produced just set my mind and heart on fire.
Around the same time, out of the blue, a guy at church gave me his unfinished Moog Synthesizer. It blew me away.
Before I could power it up, we moved to Darwin, but it was one of the first things I set up in my bedroom when we got there.
While in Darwin, the one single event that would set me on a musical path for the rest of my life happen……

As often as I could I would stay back after school and hang out in the computer classroom. The teacher was cool and hung around with us kids, about 4-6 of us all up.
We had an Apple][ and an Osborne 1a computer. It was so cool. Even now thinking back on it, I am not embarrassed or ashamed at all.

Anyway, this one day, we were all playing Zork, it was a text adventure game where you were walking through an underground maze picking up objects and trying to figure out what you were and what you had to do when I suddenly relised that the music Mr C was playing was really adding to the game and drawing me into it. Big time.

That one simple moment changed my musical tastes forever.

The music was this album;