IoT business list

It’s not just me going on about this IoT thing.

The Top 50 IoT-focused sites from major companies all over the world.
Please click through the links here and enjoy what these groundbreaking companies have between them collected for their customers and partners. There’s no other area of technology growing this fast!

I am not going to include the list here, its pretty long.
But enough to say, a bunch of companies are working on this. Some to the point where thats all they do, some to the point where they have ‘bet the farm’ on it…. Its all or nothing for some of these guys.

Most of us are just sitting on the side watching it all unfold.
Some are dangling their toes in the water.

My point with this blog and going on and on and on and on and on about IoT is to help my friends and family get up to speed with what’s coming down the pipe on a topic that is probably not on their radar, but will impact every single person I know some way or another – within their lifetimes.