AI. Not just data, but pictures as well.

Don’t forget that Artificial Intelligence is not just about boring old data (like temperatures), but also pictures.

Google’s machine learning algorithms are now capable of understanding scenes in images (object detection, classification, labeling and understanding) and can translate them automatically and accurately into natural language. Their goal:

This kind of system could eventually help visually impaired people understand pictures, provide alternate text for images in parts of the world where mobile connections are slow, and make it easier for everyone to search on Google for images.

The takeaway from this is that AI is being taught to extract shapes out of the overall picture and then define, or describe, the subject of the photo.

In addition to the image recognition, they are also working on the ‘natural language’ used to then describe the photo.

All in all, we have a lot of really amazing people that are working on AI in lots of different ways.
All of this matters in the world of connected things.